Patio and Masonry Cleaning

patio masonry cleaning

This patio is typical....

....of many horizontal masonry surfaces. Tree sap, pollen, leaves, etc. just settle there. All of these very natural materials form a very rich fertile mixture for mildew, algae and moss to grow on and that's the woods.

patio masonry cleaning

The process begins with the application...

....of detergents and algaecides. A high pressure wash is then used to remove the emulsified material from deep in the pores. No amount scrubbing can get anything close to these results.

patio masonry cleaning

The average cost to the customer for a patio....

.....wash will range between $275 and $450. Of course, you have the occasional exception. If, however, I am already set up and washing your siding, for instance, the cost can drop to as low as $70.

patio masonry cleaning

When brick has been cleaned....

.....stone-dust or Polymeric is often needed to fill in the cracks. A masonry sealer can then be applied to make the surface less porous and prolong it's life. These options can be discussed.

Cool Deck is cool to your.....

.... bare feet when you're walking around the pool. This surface, as do pretty much all masonry surfaces, cleans up beautifully. This and the next photo show the work in progress.

Pool Decks

It's a real good idea to then seal your surface to help prevent the grime from settling into this porous surface again and prolong it's useful life.

Before and After

Another brick walkway with its beauty hidden beneath the schmutz.

Front steps and landings

Front steps and landings are included in all house washes.